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            Due care has been taken while editing and printing this book. Neither the compilers nor the publisher of the book hold any responsibility for any mistake that may have inadvertently crept in. The publisher has taken all care and effort to ensure that the legislative s provisions reproduced  here  are  accurate  and  up  to  date.  However,  the  publisher  and  the compilers  of  this  book  takes  no  responsibility  for  any  inaccuracy  or  omission contained herein for advice, action or inaction based hereupon. Reference must be made to the Official Gazette issued by the Government of India/Government of Jammu And Kashmir for the authoritative text of Act, Rule, Regulation Notification or Order. The publisher shall not be liable for any direct consequential or incidental damages arising out of the use of this book. In case of binding mistake, misprints or missing pages etc., the publisher's entire liability  and  your  exclusive  remedy,  is  replacement  of  this  books  within  15  days after issuing the Bill of purchase by similar edition/reprint of the book.

     In spite of our best care and caution, various types of errors and omissions, inclusive of, in statement of law and in procurement of various amendments and their incorporation, and in proof-reading may creep in; for which our patrons shall please bear with us and any discrepancy noticed may kindly be brought to our knowledge within 15 days of billing without any mark on book after which no liability lies on our part. In case of binding defect, misprint, missing pages etc., the publishers’ liability is limited to replacement of the defective copy within 15 days of its purchase by a copy of the same edition or reprint and shall not be responsible for any subsequent or incidental mental or pecuniary loss. Books once sold will not to be taken back. The Authors, Editors, the Publishers, Technical persons, Agents and Re-sellers are neither responsible for the result of any action taken on the basis of this book nor for any error or omission to any person, whether a purchaser of this book or not. For authoritative text information, please contact the department concerned or refer to the Government publication or the Gazette notification.

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