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Last Updated On : 11.05.2021

About Us

Established in 2002 by Sunil Gupta, M.D., Jay Kay Law Reporter Pvt. Ltd.

            With the blessings of “Hazur Maharaj Divine Sadguru Sant Rasila Ram Ji in the presence of Sadguru Sant Subhash Chander Singh Ji Maharaj of Dera Baba Teja Singh Ji of Saidpur (Pb.)"

            We have immense pleasure to announce that "Jay Kay Law Reporter (Pvt.) Ltd." is the first and only SSI Unit of J&K under registration no. 070409257, dealing with the hard task of Law publications & Legal Softwares. A leading publisher in the State of J&K providing a legal information of State Laws, Rules, Regulations, Statutes, Supreme Court, High Court Judgments including Central Laws as applicable to the State for the Bench, Bar, Police, Investigating Officers, Govt. Machinery and General Public. With best efforts we have update all the Laws belonging to the State, which has low potential of subscribers. We have launched following publications in the State which include "JK Judgments" "JK Statutes- (Law Journals) and JK Laws.

            1.  JK Laws :- (Covering J&K State’s Acts & Rules, Notifications, Orders & Circulars, Synopsis With Case law of Supreme Court & High Court of Jammu And Kashmir) (In 33 Vols. Since 1888 to 31.07.2013) (2nd Edition, 2013).

            2 JK Statutes :- The only Journal containing composite collection of Ordinances, Acts, Rules, Regulations, SRO’s, Circulars, Clarifications, Corrigendum, Govt. Institutions, Govt. Notifications, Orders, Schemes etc. as passed by  J&K Govt. & Central Govt. (In 34 Vols) [2003-2017]

            3. JK Judgments :- Covers Supreme Court Judgments arising out of J&K High Court Judgments (SLP’s) since 1950 –to –date with important judgments, J&K High Court Judgments since 1922-to-date Full Bench, Constitutional Bench, His Highness Board of Judicial Advisors since 1922 to 1954, complete AFR Judgments from 2003-to-date and previous important Judgments, J&K State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, J&K Special Tribunal & J&K Sales Tax Appellate Tribunal. (In 63 Vols.) [2003-2017]

In the year 2002, Company was registered with the Registrar of Companies under registration no. ROC/JMU/2002/07-1616/1077 dt. 16.10.2002.

            Publishing :- During the year 2003 we have launched two Journals “JK Judgments” and “JK Statutes” with the Registrar of Newspapers for India New Delhi.

During 2003 to 2017, we have launched number of State Publications :-

Latest updated Editions of Rules, Regulations & Laws. Covering Commentaries, Digests, Constitution, Civil, Criminal, Labour, Education, Finance, Revenue, Service, JK Laws, Consumer, Panchayat, Industrial, Tax, Judiciary, Press, Election, Political, Historical & Govt. Flagship Schemes, Library Books, Guides on various subjects of Law and Bare Acts of J&K/Central with State Rules. Journals-JK Judgments and JK Statutes.

            Publication :- Covering 125 Book titles, Approx. 150 Bare Acts, Journals “JK Judgments” in 63 vols., “JK Statutes” in  34 vols.

            J&K Land Revenue Judgment (JKLRJ) covering Judgments Pronounced by Hon'ble Supreme Court, Hon'ble J&K High Court and J&K Special Tribunal Since 1927-2017

            Our Mission :-  Our mission is to deliver highest quality by providing current and accurate information to the greatest number of users.
            Disclaimer :- Jay Kay Law Reporter Pvt.  Ltd. has no Stockiest, Dealer & Distributor in the State of J&K/India.

With the blessings of “Hazur Maharaj Divine Sadguru Sant Rasila Ram Ji in the presence of Sadguru Sant Subhash Chander Singh Ji Maharaj of Dera Baba Teja Singh Ji of Saidpur (Pb.)”         ||