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JKJ 2009 (SUPP.) J-89

Violence Against Women-A Holistic Perspective With Special Reference To The Enactment of Domestic Violence Act In J&K State

BINDU SANGRA (LL.M (NET Qualified), PGDHR, Ph.D(Pursuing) Lecturer in Law, Dogra Law College)

is often said that the status of women in society is the best way to understand
a civilization, its progress and its shortcoming. In the chequered history of
mankind one finds that different and disparate cultures, however, distant they
may be in time and space, have at least one thing in common, and that is the
contempt for women. This unequal status of women being offensive to human
dignity and also violative of human rights has emerged today as a fundamental
crisis in human development the world ever. Gender injustice taking the shape
of crimes against women has escalated all over the world and India is no
exception to this. Despite the fact that the Indian Mythology placed women on a
very high pedestal, deterioration in this glorious status suffered a
socio-cultural set back resulting in loss of their freedom and decline in their
personality. Despite the social reform movement in the 19th Century arousing
considerable awakening, constitutional and legal provisions aimed at preventing
discrimination, positive judicial trends, welfare schemes and activism of
voluntary sector, women continue to suffer from increasing tide of violence
both in and outside houses.

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