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J.K. Judgment (2003-2017)

ISSN : 2349-395X

Editor : Kanav Gupta, Advocate & Associate Editors : Sunil Gupta, Er. Suniya Gupta [B.E. (I.T.)] & Er. Kashyap Gupta [B.E. (I.T.)]

Registrar of Newspapers of India : JKENG/2003/9406
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Advisory Board

Justice O.P. Sharma (Former Judge J&K High Court)

H.L. Choudhari, Advocate

S.S. Lehar, Sr. Advocate

U.K. Jalali, Sr. Advocate

M.A. Goni, Sr. Advocate

D.C. Raina, Sr. Advocate

Z.A. Shah, Sr. Advocate

P.N. Raina, Sr. Advocate

B.S. Slathia, Sr. Advocate

Riyaz Ahmad Jan, Sr. Advocate

Editorial Board

Kanav Gupta, Advocate (Editor-in-Chief)

Farooq ud-din Bhat, Advocate

Sunil Gupta, Editor-in-charge

Ab. Rashid Mirchal, Advocate

Er. Suniya Gupta, Editor (Tech.) B.E. (I.T.)

O.P. Thakur, Advocate

Er. Kashyap Gupta, Editor (Tech.) B.E. (I.T.)

D.S. Chauhan, Advocate

Sanjay Arora, Advocate-Editor

Javed Eqbal, Advocate

Dr. Nasreen Malik, Principal Govt. Degree College B.D.K, Srinagar [Legal Language Expert]

Sindhu Sharma, Advocate, (ASGI)

R.K.S. Thakur, Advocate

S.A. Makroo, Advocate

Shashi Kumar, Advocate

M.Y. Bhat, Advocate

Z.A Qureshi, Advocate

        Hunar Gupta, Advocate

Peer Shafiq, Advocate


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              JK Judgments: Covers Supreme Court Judgments arising out of J&K High Court Judgments (SLP’s) since 1950-to-date with important judgments, J&K High Court Judgments since 1922-to-date Full Bench, Constitutional Bench, His Highness Board of Judicial Advisors since 1922 to 1954, complete AFR Judgments from 2003-to-date and previous important Judgments, Armed Forces Tribunal Regional Bench Srinagar At Jammu, J&K State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, J&K Special Tribunal and J&K Sales Tax Appellate Tribunal

1. Crystal Clear Catch Notes on each and every Point

2. Judicial Analysis of each & every case referred in Judgment

3. Legal Capsule on Finger Tips on law points in selected judgments, Subject & Nominal Index

4. Index Alphabetically arranged with Comparative Table at the end of the Year

5. Covering Approx. 8000 Judgments

6. (2003 to 2016, Set of 57 vols. 1000.00 P/Vol.)

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