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Civil Services Decentralization And Recruitment Act, 2010

Author : Kanav Gupta, Advocate & Er. Suniya Gupta, B.E. (I.T.)

Edition : 2020

Pages : 60

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The Jammu And Kashmir Civil Services Decentralization And Recruitment Act, 2010
[Act No. XVI of 2010]
[as amended by S.O. 1245(E)of 2020, dated 03.04.2020,w.e.f. 03.04.2020,{The Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation(Adaptation of State Laws)Second Order,2020}]
The Jammu and Kashmir Civil Services Decentralization and Recruitment Rules,2010[As Amended by SRO 578 of 2018, dated 17.12.2018]
The Jammu and Kashmir Special Recruitment Rules, 2015[As Amended by S.O. 194 of 2020,dated 17.06.2020]
The Jammu and Kashmir Grant of Domicile Certificate (Procedure) Rules, 2020
Notifications, Circulars, Orders, Etc.
The Jammu and Kashmir Appointment to Class-IV(Special Recruitment)Rules, 2020[As Amended by S.O. 193 of 2020, dated 17.06.2020]
The Jammu and Kashmir Probationer(Condition of Service, Pay and Allowances)and Fixation of Tenure Rules, 2020
Registration of Bona Fide Migrants or Displaced Persons

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